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Classification of liquid bags

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The classification of liquid bags can be based on various methods such as their purpose, material, shape, etc. The following are common classification methods:

Classified by purpose:

Food specific liquid bag: A bag used for packaging food liquids, which must strictly comply with food hygiene standards. The material must be non-toxic, odorless, and odorless, and can prevent external odors from entering.

Chemical specialized liquid bag: A bag used for packaging chemical liquids. Due to the corrosiveness of most chemical liquids, it is required that the liquid bag has good anti-corrosion performance.

Petroleum specific liquid bag: a bag used for transporting various petroleum products.

High temperature resistant liquid bag: used for packaging liquids that need to be stored or transported in high-temperature environments. The material of the liquid bag is required to withstand high temperatures without deformation or melting.

Classified by material:

Plastic liquid bag: A liquid bag made of plastic materials, which has the characteristics of being lightweight, waterproof, and moisture-proof. Common plastic materials include polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), etc.

Pulp liquid bag: A liquid bag made of pulp material, which can be recycled and reused, and has strong environmental protection. However, the compressive performance of pulp bags is poor and they are not suitable for carrying heavy liquids.

Metal liquid bag: A liquid bag made of metal materials, such as aluminum foil bags, which have good moisture and oxygen resistance, but have high cost and are not easy to degrade.

Classified by shape:

Square liquid bag: The four corners are at right angles and the shape is relatively regular.

Circular liquid bag: It is spherical in shape and has a high space utilization rate.

Irregular shaped liquid bag: often used for special packaging needs due to its irregular shape.

Classification by layer: According to the different layers of liquid bags, they can be divided into single-layer, double-layer, and multi-layer liquid bags. The more layers there are, the better the moisture, oxygen, and odor resistance, but the corresponding cost also increases.

In addition, classification can also be made based on the opening and sealing methods of the liquid bag. Different classification methods make liquid bags diverse

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