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Why are biodegradable plastic bags so popular with people?

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  From the overall trend of plastic bag industry: traditional plastic bags can not meet the current development requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection, and degradable plastic bags are replacing traditional plastic bags to become a new development direction. At the same time, because of the strictest "ban on plastic", degradable plastic bags have officially come into people's sight.

  In fact, we are now concerned about the environmental protection bags is equivalent to degradable plastic bags, that we say degradable plastic bags and what does it mean? Professional flexible packaging manufacturer Qiji packaging said.

  According to the degradation mechanism of degradable plastic bags, degradable plastic bags can be divided into three categories: photodegradation, biodegradation and water degradation.

  Photodegradable plastic bag: The photosensitizer is mixed in the plastic, under the action of sunlight, the plastic gradually decomposes. However, its disadvantage is that the degradation time is affected by sunlight and climate environment, so it cannot be controlled.

  Biodegradable plastic bag: refers to the plastic that can be decomposed into low molecular compounds under certain conditions by microorganisms existing in nature, such as bacteria, mold and algae. This kind of plastic is convenient to store and transport and has a wide application range.

  Water-degradable plastic bag: A plastic bag that dissolves in water due to the addition of a water-absorbing substance.

  Biodegradable plastic bags have advantages over traditional plastic bags in performance, practicability, degradability and safety.

  In terms of performance, degradable plastic bags can reach or exceed the performance of traditional plastic bags in some specific areas;

  In terms of practicability, the biodegradable plastic bags have similar application and hygiene properties with similar traditional plastics.

  In terms of degradability, degradable plastic bags can be quickly degraded in the natural environment (specific microorganisms, temperature, humidity) after use, and become easy to be used by the environment of debris or non-toxic gas, reduce the impact on the environment.

  In terms of safety, the substances produced or left by the degradation process of degradable plastic bags are harmless to the environment and will not affect the survival of humans and other organisms.

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