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How to correctly choose plastic bags for food? Teach you a few tricks

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People buy cooked food in the Qianjin Comprehensive Market

In front of the counter of a cooked food merchant, the reporter found that the food plastic bags provided by the merchant were printed with the words "PE-HD" and "02". It is understood that PE-HD refers to high-density polyethylene plastic, and 02 is made of high-density polyethylene. Code name, high-density polyethylene is a non-toxic and odorless plastic that can hold food. This plastic can be made into food bags of different thicknesses according to its use. If it is not contaminated, it can be used repeatedly, which can save resources.

Plastic bags printed with "PE-HD" and "02" can hold food

The reporter learned that in the production of inferior plastic bags, because the material itself contains various auxiliary agents, dyes, and heavy metals, once hot food such as steamed buns, soup noodles, etc. are put into it, the temperature in the bag will cause the harmful substances migrate into food. These recycled plastics contain seriously excessive amounts of pathogenic bacteria and carcinogens. If you eat food packed in these plastic bags, the harmful substances in the plastic bags will migrate to the human body and endanger your health.

In the Harxin Supermarket Aijian store, consumers buy pasta

At 12:30, the reporter saw in the pasta area on the negative floor of the Aijian store of Harxin Supermarket in Daoli District that during the lunch rush hour, steamed buns, steamed buns, pancakes... all kinds of steaming pasta attracted the attention of citizens. Stop in and buy. In the dining area, diners in twos and threes are bringing the Malatang they just bought to the table and preparing to eat. The reporter found that the number inside the triangle with an arrow printed on the transparent plastic bag used to directly hold food was "00". After investigation, it was found that "Plastic Bag 00" is a degradable plastic, made of polylactic acid which is absolutely harmless to the human body as the main raw material. The number "00" represents biodegradable.

So, how do consumers identify inferior plastic bags in daily life? How to correctly choose plastic bags for food? The Harbin Market Supervision and Administration Bureau provides advice to consumers.

How to identify inferior plastic bags?

Distinguish by color

Most plastic bags for food are transparent plastic bags, that is, they have no obvious color. In wet markets, you can often see some vendors using red, black and other colored plastic bags to pack fruits, vegetables, cooked food and meat. In fact, most of these colorful plastic bags are made of waste recycled materials and do not meet food requirements.

Recognize by eyes

Even if the plastic bag is transparent, it should be placed in a well-lit area to see if there are any impurities. If you look carefully at low-quality plastic bags under the light, you can see small black dots on the plastic bags. The small dots are unevenly distributed and of different sizes. You can even see cracks on low-quality plastic bags. Inferior plastic bags are usually used to hold garbage and cannot hold food, fruits, vegetables and meat.

Identify by nose

Since inferior plastic bags are made of waste recycled materials, if you smell the inside of the plastic bag, you will smell a disgusting smell. This kind of plastic bag is usually toxic and cannot be used to hold food and vegetables. High-quality plastic bags have no smell.

feel through hands

The surface of good-quality plastic bags is smooth, dense, and flat, while the surface of inferior plastic bags is rough, and the surface will feel uneven, sticky, and astringent when touched by hand.

Judge by weight

Throw a plastic bag into the water. If the plastic bag sinks to the bottom, it means the plastic bag is of poor quality. If the plastic bag floats on the water, it means the plastic bag is of better quality. Plastic bags made of new materials have a certain strength, hardness, and toughness and will not break when torn. In the production process of inferior plastic bags, a lot of additives and waste recycled materials need to be added. These additives and waste recycled materials not only have a strong smell, but also make the plastic bags very brittle and fragile, which can be easily broken with bare hands. Just tear the plastic bag.

distinguish by sound

Hold the plastic bag in your hand and shake it vigorously. If the plastic bag makes a crisp sound, it means the plastic bag is of poor quality, while a good quality plastic bag will make a buzzing sound when shaken.

"Plastic Bag 00" is a degradable plastic made of polylactic acid which is harmless to the human body as the main raw material.

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