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Retort bags, freeze-resistant vacuum bags

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Retort bags and freezer-resistant vacuum bags are two different types of packaging materials designed and used for different food preservation and cooking needs.

retort bag

A retort bag is a packaging material that can withstand the cooking process of hot water or steam. The bags are typically made from multiple layers of composite materials, including polymer and metal films, that can withstand high temperatures and not allow broth or steam to escape during cooking. Retort bags are usually used to package ready-to-cook or ready-to-eat food, such as cooked food, semi-cooked food, pickled food, etc. Consumers can cook food by boiling it in water or heating it with steam.

The design of retort bags needs to consider the safety of food and the stability of packaging materials at high temperatures. During the production process, it is necessary to pass corresponding food safety certification to ensure that it is safe to cook at the specified temperature and time.

Freeze resistant vacuum bag

Freeze-resistant vacuum bags are packaging materials used for frozen food preservation. This kind of bag usually has good low temperature tolerance and can remain stable at freezing temperatures without breaking or losing its packaging function due to temperature changes. The design of the vacuum bag can effectively exclude air and reduce the contact between food and air, thereby reducing the possibility of oxidation and microbial growth and extending the frozen storage period of food.

Freeze-resistant vacuum bags are usually constructed of multiple layers of materials, including a PE (polyethylene) layer to prevent breathability and a composite material layer to prevent tearing. These materials need to be able to withstand the stresses during freezing and maintain their structural integrity during thawing to ensure food safety and quality.

When using these packaging materials, relevant safety regulations and instructions should be followed to ensure food safety and packaging effectiveness. At the same time, the design of packaging also needs to take into account environmental protection and resource sustainability to reduce the impact on the environment.

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