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How to choose a coffee bag?

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The coffee bag is the focus of coffee beans and coffee powder packaging, and the function of the coffee exhaust valve is self-evident. For packaging manufacturers, it is very important to choose the right coffee bag, which is related to the quality protection of coffee products and the requirements of consumers for product packaging design.









So, how to choose a high-quality coffee bag? The editor summarizes as follows:
1. To smell with the nose:

Coffee bags should be odorless and odorless when they leave the factory. For some bags with other odors, if it is not for safety reasons, it is best not to use them on food packaging.

2. See with your eyes:

It is best to have a label indicating the manufacturer and inspection certificate on the coffee bag. At the same time, it is necessary to see whether there is a vent hole on the coffee bag, that is, the coffee bag vent valve.

3. Purchase:After all, coffee bags are food packaging bags, so it is best to buy or order from regular manufacturers when purchasing, and never buy three-no products, because hygiene and other conditions may not meet the standards.

4. High-quality materials, environmentally friendly and green:

Do not purchase coffee bags made of recycled plastic, because coffee bags are for food, so it is best to choose green packaging materials when purchasing.









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