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The State Administration for Market Regulation encourages the optimization of food packaging labels

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In response to consumers’ complaints that the production date and shelf life of prepackaged foods are “too small, light in color, and deeply hidden”, the State Administration for Market Regulation issued the “Announcement on Encouraging Food Companies to Optimize the Production Date and Shelf Life Labeling of Prepackaged Foods” on the 26th. , to encourage food companies to actively take targeted improvement measures to facilitate clear identification by consumers.

Currently, there are irregularities in the production date and shelf life on the packaging of prepackaged foods sold on the market. Some production dates are marked in random positions, playing "hide and seek" with consumers; some production dates are marked with too small text and irregular fonts, making it difficult to identify; some production dates are marked with "invisibility" and transparent packaging. The packaging is printed with gray characters and purple with black characters, which tests consumers' "eyesight"; some shelf life requires calculation and judgment of the expiration date, which tests consumers' "brain power".

In terms of convenience for consumers to find, the announcement encourages food companies to prominently mark the minimum sales package of pre-packaged food on the main display panel; if the minimum sales package has multiple layers, mark it on the outermost package; adopt the "See a certain location on the package" If the production date and shelf life are marked in the form of ", the location should be clear and obvious, the description should be accurate, and it should be easy to find.

In terms of convenience for consumers to read, the announcement encourages food companies to use text, numbers, and symbols with a minimum height of not less than 3 mm and a ratio of height to width not greater than 3:1; use black text on a white background and other background colors to contrast with the color of the date Obvious forms and clear markings; improve coding, printing and other technologies and equipment to ensure long-lasting and clear marking content.

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