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Introduction to the performance of packaging bags.printed snack food bags

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custom snack food bags

Around us, packaging equipment is widely used, and plastic packaging bags are the most commonly used ones. However, the use of plastic packaging bags has caused significant environmental pollution. Nowadays, the emergence of paper plastic packaging bags has brought great help to people. Let's first understand its performance.

Paper plastic packaging materials are mainly suitable for pressure steam sterilization, ethylene oxide sterilization, and low-temperature steam formaldehyde sterilization. The shelf life of sterilized items is influenced by various factors such as the performance and quality of packaging materials, the tightness of sealing, the quality of sterilization, storage conditions, transportation methods, and the number of hand touches. Double layer plain cotton cloth and open hard container, with limited bacterial barrier effect, can be used for 10-14 days under 25 ℃ conditions, with shorter duration in humid and rainy seasons.

Paper plastic packaging materials have a durable bacterial barrier effect and a shelf life of over six months. There are many types and quantities of spare items in the disinfection supply center, but some bags with low frequency of use (such as tracheostomy bags, tracheal cannula, venous incision bags, etc.) are often sterilized frequently due to their short validity period. The use of paper plastic packaging materials not only prolongs the validity period, ensures the quality of sterile bags and the safety of clinical use, but also greatly reduces the incidence of sterilization items, especially the damage of packaging cloth, adhesion of rubber items, and rusting of metal items, and prolongs the service life of the items.

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