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The characteristics and functions of multi -layer composite independent bags

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  Flexible packaging film roll

  Multi -layer composite independent bag is a packaging bag that can support standing at the bottom. Its biggest feature is that it can stand, which can extend the service life of the built -in products, strengthen the visual effects of the warehouse shelves, and carry lightly. It can be sealed with fresh -keeping boxes. sex.

  Multi -layer composite independent bags are mainly used in packaging juice drinks, sports drinks, bottled drinking water, jelly suction, condiments and other products. In addition to the food field, it is also widely used in packaging and washing supplies, daily cosmetics, pharmaceutical supplies wait.

  According to the usage of multi -layer compound independent bags on the market, we can divide this packaging bag into ordinary independent bags, self -sucking self -standing bags, zipper independent bags, imitation mouth -type independent bags, and leisure -shaped independent bags.

  The ingredients of multi -layer composite independent bags are mainly polyethylene (PE), nylon (NY), aluminum (aluminum), and an extension polypropylene film (CPP film). The use of PE raw materials can make the printing effect well and not color. Compared with other thin films such as PVG, the cost is lower and the output is higher. Higher than PE film. Water gas and odor resistance is excellent. Multi -function, can be used as a basement of a composite material. Metalization can be performed. Multi -layer composite independent bags, as food and commodity packaging and outer packaging, have excellent demonstrations, which can still be clearly visible to the product under the packaging. The above -mentioned different materials are used in a scientific proportion, and the purpose of safety packaging and standing requirements will be achieved.

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