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Flexible packaging film roll
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Flexible packaging film roll

The cost of using the rolling film packaging is relatively low, but it needs to support the automatic packaging machine, which is widely used in agriculture, industry and even in daily life. The main advantage is to save on the cost of the entire packaging process. The rolling film is used in automatic packaging machinery without packaging production enterprises for any sealing work only for one-time sealing operation in the production enterprises. Simplified the packaging process reduces the cost and is the first choice for small packaging.

Top-line® packaging provide all kinds of customized rolling film, composite coil film, thermal shrink film, can be customized for product packaging.


✅Application:Food, daily chemical, beauty, agriculture, industry.
many industries form :stand-up pouches, side gusseted bags, fin seal bag or 3 side seal bags, and other form-fill-seal applications.
✅ Reduce costs.

Flexible Packaging Film is mainly used for food or non-food automatic packing line use, flexible packaging films also called lamination film or roll stock.

✅ Diversified structure with good barrier performance.

Most flexible packaging films are made of 2-layer materials, some of which are 3-layer, but high barrier makes it easy to store food and packaging it fresh.
✅Good service.

In order to save cost for our clients, we will offer numerous material options for the testing at the client’s side, this will save cost and ensure quality and efficiency, in this way TOP-LINE is trusted by many leading contract packagers,and mid-sized manufacturers.
Top-line® packaging :

1. One-stop factory, located in Dongguan, China, the world factory, with more than 15 years of experience in packaging production.

2. Dust-free workshop, high-quality raw materials, controlled from the source.

3. Complete certificates, excellent quality, to meet all customer needs.

4. 24-hour high-quality service, quality assurance, and a complete after-sales system.

5. Free samples are provided.

6. Personalized customization to meet all customer customization needs (bag type, valve, zipper)

7. Sufficient stock, the spot has a fixed size, 1000 small batches for sale, please consult customer service for details.

Suitable product

Pet food

Packaging materials moisture-proof, good drop performance, packaging design pattern clear and advanced, in line with the requirements of pet food packaging.


Tea packaging has the moisture-proof function, keep the dry state of tea, good air tightness, avoid the external oxygen, moisture taste into the packaging bag. Antioxidant, tea is rich in natural active ingredients, which need to be packaged in materials with strong antioxidant properties to avoid damage. Moisturize, keep the aroma and taste of the tea, keep a certain humidity in the bag to avoid the tea losing its aroma after drying. Easy to store, tea packaging needs to be easy to store, easy to carry, convenient for consumers to use.

Powder product

Powder needs high moisture blocking and oxygen blocking packaging, to ensure that the powder is not easy to block, the use of bag packaging to save transportation costs, can also be environmentally friendly packaging, environmentally friendly.


Dried fruit packaging quality is good, not easy to break, in line with food production standards, support a variety of shape customization, novel design.


High oxygen resistance and humidity resistance, to ensure that the chocolate is not easy to occur oxidation and dissolution, low temperature hot seal to meet the temperature demand of chocolate.


Hygroscopic, anti-oxidation, preservation and other special technologies, slow down the oxidation reaction, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-oxidation preservation, to ensure that the quality of oatmeal to extend the shelf life of products.


Coffee packaging has a certain exhaust and gas blocking function,One-way exhaust, anti-rise bag, the release of carbon dioxide.Cut off the air and prevent the oxidation.Prevent high temperature, slow down the biochemical reaction and volatilization speed of coffee.


Delicit food packaging bag, High strength, suitable for food storage, transportation. High barrier, preserve the flavor and quality of food, Heat resistance requirements, light resistance requirements, crushing prevention requirements, moisturizing requirements.

Spirits packaging

Stand Up Pouch

Side Gusset Bag

Flat Bottom Bag

Film Roll

Why Choose Our Flexible Packaging Film Roll

Flexible packaging film roll

Efficient Barrier Design

The Top-line packaging flexible packaging film roll packaging is designed to insulate its contents from the outside world. This helps ensure the conditions of the product so it can be transported without any danger of spillage or bursting.

Flexible packaging film roll

User-Friendly materials

Our wholesale flexible packaging film roll packaging is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. Despite the relative durability of our packaging, they can still be opened with minimal fuss.

Flexible packaging film roll

Cost-Effective Options

By choosing our wholesale flexible packaging film roll packages, companies will no longer have to use rigid glass containers. This helps lessen costs and makes storage and shelving so much easier and efficient.

Flexible packaging film roll

Efficient Preservation

The flexible packaging film roll package is made of eco-friendly materials. This adds multiple layers of protection against spoilage and bacteria. By using these quality materials, we are ensuring that your products are as well-preserved as possible.

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