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How to use the air hole on the coffee bag

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The air hole on the coffee bag is actually a one-way exhaust valve, and its main function is to allow the gas in the coffee bag to be discharged one-way, while preventing the outside air from entering the bag. This design can effectively prevent the continuous release of carbon dioxide after roasting of coffee beans to make the bag burst, but also to isolate oxygen, to avoid oxidation and deterioration of coffee.

Specifically, when coffee beans are packed into a ziploc bag, the pressure inside the bag increases as the beans release more carbon dioxide. At this time, the one-way exhaust valve comes into play, allowing excess gas to be discharged and maintaining the pressure in the bag at a safe level. When the pressure returns to normal, the exhaust valve will automatically close to prevent outside air from entering.

When using a coffee bag, we do not need to specifically operate this stomata. It automatically opens or closes in response to changes in pressure inside the bag. It should be noted that it is not recommended to artificially squeeze the bag to exhaust gas, because this may make the pressure inside the bag and the outside world to form a difference, affecting the taste period of the coffee beans.

In addition, there are a variety of types of coffee bags, aluminum foil bags, plastic bags, paper bags, etc., each bag has its unique characteristics and application scenarios. When choosing a coffee bag, you can choose according to the type of coffee beans, the degree of roasting and storage needs.

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