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Coffee Pouch: Ultimate Guide

Time:2022-08-04 Views:

Coffee pouches are small paper-like containers that you can use to package your coffee grinds or beans.

This guide takes you through the nitty-gritty of coffee pouches.

The Benefits of Coffee Pouch

The packaging of your product can be the reason for huge sales or lower sales.

I have listed some of the reasons why you should consider using coffee pouches to your coffee packaging.

Unlike other conventional packaging, pouches occupy less space. When you use pouches for packaging your coffee, you save yourself extra space.

Unlike glass jars, pouches are not breakable. If a coffee pouch falls from the shelf, there is no wastage of product since it does not break.

Coffee pouches enhance the shelf life of the coffee beans or grinds. Due to the continuous emission of gases by roasted coffee beans, they have shorter shelf-lives in other containers.

Packaging coffee beans in pouches enhances their taste. The gases which the coffee beans emit enhance their taste, and the pouch preserves this taste.

Pouches are more durable than glass jars.

They cost less. Using pouches saves you some money on production costs.

Coffee pouches are more customer-friendly due to how convenient they are. You can carry them with you anywhere.

The zip lock on the pouches means that you can reuse the pouches multiple times.

Pouches are made from biodegradable material, which makes them very environment-friendly.

Consumers can recycle the pouches to store cooking ingredients after using the coffee.

Pouches give your product an attractive look when put on display

Uses of Coffee Pouch

As the name implies, a coffee pouch is mainly a packaging material for coffee.

You can also use it for packaging teabags or raw tea leaves.

What to Consider When Choosing Coffee Pouch

As with every decision involving your products, choosing the right packaging is important.

If you decide to use coffee pouches for packaging your coffee beans, you might want to consider the following:

The type of pouch that is suitable for you. You need to choose a pouch that is both stand-up, and airtight. The most common stand-up pouches are the doy pack, the side fold bag, the Quad seal bag, and the flat bottom bag.

The internal material of the pouch: Roasted coffee beans are sensitive to environmental factors. Use protective material like aluminum to make the inside of your pouch. Unless you plan to finish your coffee within a short period, the presence of a barrier is important.

The presence of a de-gassing valve on your pouch: The valve helps to remove the excess CO2 and keep your coffee fresh for longer.

The design of the coffee pouch: You need to choose a coffee pouch design based on how you want to fill in your coffee. For example, it is easier to fill a side fold bag manually, than a doypack.

Does your coffee pouch have a zipper? This question is important if you intend to package a large quantity of coffee per bag. If you intend to make one-time use of coffee, you can use a pouch without a zipper.

How consumer-friendly is your pouch? It would be best to choose a pouch that makes it easy for consumers to get the coffee out.

It is important to choose a coffee pouch that resonates with your business style. You could get creative with the color, type of valve, etc.

The compatibility of your label with the pouch itself: If your label is matte, you might want to also go with a matte material pouch.

You can never be too careful when choosing a package for your product.

Choosing the right packaging could mean more sales, while the wrong one means the opposite.



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