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Kraft paper bags are easy to tear? It's just its material characteristics.kraft paper pouch bags manufacture

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  Kraft paper pouch

  Kraft paper bags are relatively easy to tear, so what's the comparison; And the kraft paper itself is also divided into many types

  Kraft paper is a high-strength packaging paper made from softwood kraft pulp with a tough texture, high strength, and a yellow brown surface. It can be divided into single sided, double sided, striped, and non striped varieties in appearance, with slightly different quality requirements.

  Kraft paper is mainly used for making small paper bags, document bags, and inner packaging of industrial products, textiles, and daily necessities.

  Kraft paper is divided into U, A, and B3 grades.

  Kraft paper includes box board paper, cement bag paper, high-strength corrugated paper, and brown cardboard.

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