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How to classify and differentiate composite food bags.rice packaging material

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As we all know, this type of composite food bag is no longer indispensable in Chinese people's lives, and the demand for this type of bag in the food bag market is also increasing. Today, let's take a look together.

Classification of composite food packaging bags: 1. According to the composite form, it is divided into single-layer plastic packaging bags and composite grade plastic packaging bags. Single layer plastic packaging bags, mostly made of PE. Mainly made of plastic film, there are also heat sealing grade BOPP. The characteristics of single-layer plastic packaging bags: 1) cheap price, 2) surface printing process, 3) mostly using benzene soluble ink, 4) due to the ink on the surface of the printing layer, compared to gravure printing composite plastic packaging bags, it is easy to fade. 5) It is commonly used in clothing packaging bags and ordinary food packaging. 6) It belongs to low-end packaging. The characteristics of plastic packaging bags: 1) The price is relatively expensive compared to single-layer plastic packaging bags; 2) Image gravure printing is used. 3) Due to the promotion of benzene free and ketone free ink in China, more and more manufacturers are using benzene free and ketone free ink. However, some manufacturers are still using benzene soluble ink to reduce costs. 4) Due to its use of gravure printing, the printing ink is located on the inner side of the printing layer, and then compounded, so as not to cause color discoloration due to friction, oxidation, and other issues, which is much longer than the surface printing of single-layer plastic packaging bags. 5) Composite plastic packaging bags have a wide range of applications, including in the food industry, chemical industry, daily necessities, etc. They are increasingly used for their exquisite printing and functional enhancement. 7) Belonging to mid to high-end packaging, it is divided into general packaging and specialized packaging according to packaging functions.

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