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The production process of sterile bags

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The production process of sterile bags is mainly divided into film blowing, cutting, heat sealing, vacuum packaging, and sterilization.

Blowing film: Firstly, open the air purification system in the workshop and disinfect the workshop and operators to ensure that the operating environment meets the set standards. Blow film the purified polyethylene particles at a certain temperature;

Cutting: The tubular film obtained after blowing is cut into different sizes of film cylinders according to customer requirements; Heat sealing bag making: use a heat sealing machine to seal the membrane cylinder;

Vacuum packaging: Sealed sterile bags are vacuum packaged in multiple layers according to a certain number;

Sterilization: Sterilize the packaged sterile bag with gamma rays to meet the product's sterility requirements.

Sterile bags are widely used for the transportation and temporary storage of sterile solid raw materials, sterile pharmaceutical excipients, sterile preparations, and other products due to their sterile, non-toxic, excellent low-temperature resistance, good chemical stability, and electrical insulation properties, as well as the transit packaging of sterile rubber stoppers from cleaning to filling lines.

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