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How to fold a gift box? Let the person receiving the gift feel your good intentions

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Steps to fold gift box:

1. In the first step, cut the prepared folded paper into about twice the size of the gift box, place the gift in the middle of the paper, with the back of the paper facing up.

2. In the second step, fold the left and right sides of the folded paper onto the gift box respectively, and stick it in the middle with double-sided tape or a glue stick to prevent it from loosening.

3. The third step is to fold up the excess paper at the bottom of the gift box. First fold down the top paper, then fold the left and right ends into the middle, and stick it with double-sided tape to prevent it from loosening or falling apart.

4. The fourth step is to fold the paper at the bottom of the gift box upward and stick it with double-sided tape.

5. Step 5: Repeat the above operation on the other end of the gift box and fold the upper end of the gift box. Then use striped paper to wrap the formed gift box model, so that you can finish folding the gift box yourself, and the effect will be pretty good. Simple and elegant packaging is very practical in daily life.

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