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Composition of liquid bags

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A liquid bag is a plastic bag used to package liquid products, usually composed of the following parts:

Outer layer material: The outer layer of the liquid bag is usually made of high barrier materials to prevent internal liquid from coming into contact with the external environment. Common high barrier materials include polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC), polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), etc. These materials have excellent moisture-proof, oxygen resistant, and odor resistant properties, ensuring long-term storage of internal liquids.

Inner layer material: The inner layer of the liquid bag is usually made of food grade plastic to ensure that the internal liquid does not react chemically with the plastic material, and is easy to clean and disinfect. Common food grade plastics include polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), etc.

Sealing material: The sealing of liquid bags is usually made of heat sealing material to achieve a sealing effect. The heat sealing material can be tightly combined with the outer and inner layer materials to ensure that the liquid bag does not leak before opening.

Printing and decoration: In order to improve product aesthetics and brand image, liquid bags are usually printed and decorated. Printing and decorative materials must comply with food safety standards, must not react chemically with internal liquids, and must also be easy to clean and disinfect.

Production process: The production process of liquid bags usually includes processes such as bag making, printing, and heat sealing. During the production process, it is necessary to strictly control parameters such as temperature, pressure, and time to ensure that the produced liquid bags have excellent sealing and durability.

In summary, the composition of liquid bags includes outer layer materials, inner layer materials, sealing materials, printing and decoration, as well as production processes. These components work together to ensure that the liquid bag has excellent moisture resistance, oxygen resistance, odor resistance, sealing performance, durability, and also meets food safety standards.

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