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Common frozen food packaging food Snack food bag

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  At present, the common ingredients structures are mostly used in the market in the market:

  1. PET/PE

  This structure is more common in the packaging of frozen foods. It has good moisture -proof, cold -resistant, and low temperature heat sealing performance, and the cost is relatively low.


  Such structural moisture -proof, cold -resistant, low -temperature heat -sealing tensile strength is high, and the cost is relatively economical. Among them, the appearance and feel of the packaging bag of the BOPP/PE structure are better than the PET/PE, which can improve the product grade.


  Due to the existence of aluminum -plated layers, the surface is exquisitely printed, but the performance of low temperature heat seal is slightly worse and the cost is relatively high, so the utilization rate is relatively low.


  The packaging of such structures is resistant to frozen and impact. Due to the existence of the NY layer, its thorns resistance is very good, but the cost is relatively high. It is generally used for packaging with edges or heavier products.

  In addition, there is a simple PE bag, which is generally used as vegetables and outsourcing bags for simple frozen foods.

  In addition to the packaging bag, some frozen foods need to be used for plastic tray. The most commonly used pallet material is PP. The food-grade PP has a good hygiene. It can be used at low temperature at -30 ° C. As a general transport packaging, the corrugated carton, its shockproof, compressive performance and cost advantage, is the first factors for frozen food transportation packaging.

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