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Tips for using plastic packaging packaging plastic bag distributors

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  Spout pouch

  Most people only know that plastic bags can be convenient to install things, but too much use can cause problems such as pollution environment. Now teach you how to use a good plastic bag to make small plastic packaging bags transform into a large use:

  1. The bread is soft. The dry bread is wrapped in the original packaging wax paper, wrapped in paper soaked in water outside, and then put in a plastic bag dipped in water, tie the bag in the bag, and place a night bread to return to the soft.

  2. Rinse. Wash the white clothes to be washed first. After cleaning, don't rinse, put in a plastic bag, and tie your mouth. Take it out for 1 hour in sunlight and wash it.

  3. Iron. Spray the water with a sprayer that need to be ironed once, then put it in a large plastic bag tightly, and then take it out when the iron is heated, so that the clothes can be scalded and beautiful.

  4. Treatment. Plastic bags can prevent fissure of heels. Wash your feet in warm water first. Use 1 clean, transparent and soft plastic food bag to heaven on the foot. Finally, put on socks, and cure for 1 ~ 3 days. 7 days can be healed.

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