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The manufacturer distinguishes between high-temperature vacuum bags and frozen vacuum bags for you.vacuum sealer bags for food

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High temperature vacuum bags, like frozen vacuum bags, are also typical polyolefin polymers. The two types of vacuum bags have many similarities, such as non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, and reliable hygiene performance; Resistant to acid, alkali, salt, and various chemical substances, with stable performance; Balanced physical and mechanical properties; Excellent moisture resistance and moisture resistance, with a certain degree of oxygen resistance and oil resistance; It has excellent formability and good heat sealing performance. Like high-temperature vacuum bags, high-temperature vacuum bags also have the advantages of large production capacity, wide sources, and low prices.

The main differences between high-temperature vacuum bags and frozen vacuum bags are as follows:

① The heat resistance of high-temperature vacuum bags is much better than that of frozen vacuum bags, and they can withstand high temperatures above 120 ℃. High temperature vacuum bag packaged food can even withstand the requirements of high-temperature cooking above 140 ℃.

② The transparency and strength of high-temperature vacuum bags are also better than those of frozen vacuum bags. Although the oil resistance of high-temperature vacuum bags is not ideal, they are better than frozen vacuum bags.

③ Compared with frozen vacuum bag plastics, the main drawback of high-temperature vacuum bags is poor cold resistance, and high-temperature vacuum bag homopolymers may exhibit significant brittleness at 0 ℃.

In summary, there is still a significant difference between high-temperature vacuum bags and refrigerated vacuum bags. It depends on the packaging requirements of the product to determine which type of vacuum bag is suitable, whether it is the most expensive or the best. Only those that are deemed unsuitable are considered useful.

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