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Get information about olive oil storage

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1. The storage container is preferably a dark opaque glass bottle

Since olive oil is very sensitive to the presence of light, if it is exposed to strong light for a long time or continues to be exposed during storage, olive oil will be easily oxidized. And olive oil is particularly permeable. Therefore, when we buy olive oil, we must pay attention to packaging. It is best to choose glass bottles or food-grade iron buckets or stainless steel containers for storage.

2. Store in a cool place

Temperature is also important to prevent olive oil from spoiling. But many people put olive oil next to the stove within easy reach for cooking. However, because the temperature next to the stove is higher than elsewhere, it will not only destroy the nutritional value of the olive oil, but also speed up the deterioration of the olive oil. So this must be remembered, olive oil should be stored in a cool, dry place. The generally recommended temperature is below 15°.

3. Tightly sealed

If olive oil is exposed to air during storage, oxidation will occur, leading to spoilage. Therefore, after using olive oil, do not be lazy and save trouble. Be sure to remember to tighten the bottle cap, so as to effectively prevent the oxidation reaction between olive oil and air and maintain its unique flavor.

4. Refrigerator storage

In addition to the above methods, edible olive oil can also be stored in the freezer of the refrigerator, but only if the olive oil is stored for a long time. You may not believe it, but frozen olive oil will indeed retain its original healthy ingredients and mellow taste.

However, when using it, it is best to take the olive oil out of the refrigerator in advance, because low-temperature olive oil will crystallize and be difficult to pour out.

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