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Introduction to packaging methods for containerized liquids

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  1. Common liquid packaging materials

  For liquid packaging, common packaging materials include the following:

  1. Bottled: Bottled liquids are suitable for short-distance transportation or small-volume transportation to ensure that the liquid will not leak or deteriorate.

  2. Barrel packaging: Barrel liquids are often used for medium and long-distance transportation. The barreling device is relatively fixed and has strong leakage prevention capabilities.

  3. Flexible packaging: Modern production equipment can produce large quantities of plastic or aluminum foil flexible packaging, which is often used for long-distance sea or air transportation. The transportation volume is large, easy to handle and store, and the price is relatively low.

  2. Liquid packaging method

  The packaging method of liquid needs to be considered based on the nature of the liquid, transportation time, long-distance transportation method, packaging cost and destination. The following are several common liquid packaging methods:

  1. Direct packing method: This is one of the most commonly used methods. Liquids are loaded directly into the container. For volatile substances, sealing is required.

  2. Use packaging container method: the liquid will be packed into specific containers, such as steel drums, plastic drums or flexible packaging, etc., and then placed in containers for transportation.

  3. Inversion method: Install a fixed inversion rack in the container, and then invert the barrel or box containing the liquid. This can reduce the absolute content of oxygen and effectively slow down the deterioration rate of the liquid.

  3. Packaging precautions

  1. When packaging liquids, sealing must be done, especially for volatile liquids, the sealing must be reliable.

  2. Liquid packaging needs to be shockproof, and the strength of the packaging material must be sufficient to ensure that it will not break during transportation.

  3. Packaging materials and packaging methods should be reasonably selected based on the nature of the liquid.

  4. During transportation, it should be protected from moisture and sun, and should not be mixed with toxic, harmful, flammable and other substances.

  4. Conclusion

  The packaging method of liquids is an important part of ensuring the safe transportation of liquids in containers. Different packaging materials and packaging methods should be selected according to specific circumstances and follow the principles of safety and environmental protection to ensure the safety and transportation efficiency of liquids.

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