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Will liquor vacuum bags affect the wine?

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According to the information provided, there are different opinions on whether liquor can be preserved using vacuum bags:

Supporters of the use of vacuum packaging believe that vacuum packaging can effectively prevent liquor from evaporating or being contaminated by external microorganisms. Vacuum packaging reduces the leakage of wine and the invasion of microorganisms by isolating the wine from contact with the outside air.

Opponents of the use of vacuum packaging point out that liquor does not need vacuum storage because trace amounts of air contribute to the aging process of liquor. Vacuum packaging can cause liquid to flow out of the container because it creates a negative pressure, causing the air pressure inside the bottle to be less than the outside environment.

Based on the above information, we can draw the following conclusions:

The use of vacuum packaging can reduce the contact between liquor and outside air, thereby slowing down the evaporation of alcohol to a certain extent and preventing microbial contamination.

However, there are also opinions that liquor does not need to be stored in a vacuum because trace amounts of air can promote the aging process.

In actual operation, different opinions should be considered to choose a preservation method that suits personal needs and collection purposes. If the purpose is long-term collection, you may need to weigh the above two points of view and choose a storage method that can both protect the quality of the wine and meet your personal collection needs.

Therefore, liquor can be stored in vacuum bags, but this is not the only option and needs to be decided on a case-by-case basis.

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