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super pouch tool bag price

✅ Super pouch -packaging solution to refresh your brand and increase its recongnition.

Top-line offers cos-effctive packaging that serves as a powerful marketing tool to increase your brand awareness!

✅ Don't miss ou t on an opportunity to suprise your customer with this innovative format!

✅ T-Tap opens quickly and forever eliminates the need to struggle with cork opening.

 Top-line package offers an extensive range of Super Pouch options.

Super pouch from 0.75 to 5L

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♻ There is no doubt that it's quite a challenge to fully eliminate plastic from packaging as it helps to deliver the goods safely and efficiently with the lowest carbon footprint.    

However, we still can reduce its use. 

Top-line offers you the bags with the T-Tap Low. 

It is a better and lighter fitment solution with the reduction of plastic applied for its production. Reduce plastic just by a few grams and make the huge difference on the way to our sustainable future. 

T-Tap with foil - fitment that will keep you confident in the safety of your product. 


On the way through a supply chain, from a factory to a final consumer's table, your beverage may encounter various health hazards.  Our prime concern is to curb any risks of harmful outer influences.  With this in mind,  a foil seal that safeguards your product against contaminating microorganisms. 

We know exactly how to enhance your product's protection.  T-Tap with peelable seal foil is a perfect solution for you!


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