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juice bag in box distributors

We offer full system bag-in-box solutions through our comprehensive portfolio of films, flexible bags, bag-making and filling machines—combined with Worldwide Dispensers‘fitments and dispensing taps.  Our best-in-class bag-in-box packaging provides oxygen and light barrier, seal strength and flex crack resistance in addition to toughness and long-distance shipping durability.Our bag-in-box flexible packaging and dispensing offering provides many practical benefits for manufacturers, retailers and end users:

Extended product shelf life

Transportation and storage savings

User-friendly dispensing

Safe and hygienic filling process

Reduced carbon footprint as compared to other packaging options

Differentiation and maximum facing for branding

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In Top-line, we provide a custom flexible packagin solution for your food products.

Bag-in-box perfect packaging to maintain the qualit consistency of liquid goods. 

High Quality Red Wine/Oil/Water/Juice Detergent 

Aluminum Foil Valve Bag in Box for Liquid with Tap 

Valve1l 2L 3L 5L 10L 20L 22L 25L 50L 

✅ Available formats: from 1L to 50L.

✅ Email us at to learn more about our packaging solutions for freshly pressed liquid goods. 



Convenience: Excellent portability, User-frendly, Optimizes shelf space.

Distribution Advantages: Enables E-commerce, Doesn’t break in transit, Starage and transparent cost reduction.

Safey: Protection from oxidation, Clean and hygienic , Taste and freehness preservation.

Sustainability: No recycing issues, Lower carbon footprint, Perfect for responsible consumption


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