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What is the principle of vacuum nozzle? Negative pressure principle

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The working principle of the vacuum nozzle is mainly based on the principle of negative pressure. It achieves the adsorption and transportation of objects through the following steps:

Connecting pipeline: The vacuum nozzle is connected to the vacuum pump through pipelines.

Formation of negative pressure: When working, the vacuum pump will extract the gas between the suction nozzle and the surface of the object, causing the pressure inside the suction nozzle to decrease and forming a vacuum area.

Generate adsorption force: Due to the negative pressure in the internal space, the vacuum nozzle can be tightly adhered to the surface of the object.

Separation process: After arriving at the destination, the vacuum nozzle can be separated from the object by closing or connecting the corresponding valve to balance the negative pressure between the vacuum nozzle and the object surface.

This device is particularly suitable for occasions that require precise control and less damage to the surface of objects, such as processing and quality inspection of precision workpieces.

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