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The necessity of using anti -fog packaging bags for vegetables.aluminum foil bags for cooking Manufacturing

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  Anti -fog packaging bags use transparent plastic film, sheet or tablet. In a humid environment, when the humidity reaches below the dew point, the surface will condense a small layer of water droplets, making the surface blur and atomization, and hinder the spread of light waves. For example, when packing products with a film, due to the fog, the internal material will be invisible, and the fog drip produced can easily cause damage to the decay of internal matter. Anti -fog agent is an anti -fog agent. They are some surfactants with hydrophilic alkali, which can be directed to the surface of the plastic, hydrophobic alkali, hydrophilic alkali outward, so that water can easily wet the surface of the plastic. The thin water layer or large water droplets flowing down the film. This can avoid the atomization caused by the light scattering of the small water droplet, and it will not splash the condensed water droplets on the packaging and damage the packaging.

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