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Based on bag -type packaging bags.flexible film packaging Production

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  custom snack food bags

  1 Bags on three sides are the simplest, most conventional, and best sealing bag types. During the bag making process, three sides are hot, leaving one side to install items. All kinds of food, clothing, tools, fertilizer pesticides. In many cases, they need to use vacuum packaging in many cases. The reason is also very diverse. Sometimes it is to prevent food deterioration, and sometimes it is to make the shelf life longer. The appearance is bright, practical, non -toxic, and tasteless.

  2 in the blockbuster bag, also known as the back sealed bag. Unlike the three sides, the heat sealed is not on both sides. It is a packaging bag on the back of the bag. Instant noodles, bag dairy products, etc. are all in this type of packaging. Back sealing bags can be used to store food, medicines, cosmetics, frozen foods, mail, etc., moisture -proof, waterproof, insect -proof, preventing things from scattered, lightly sealed, non -toxic, tasteless, and flexible.

  3 standing bags, also known as self -standing bags. The packaging bag can stand on its own without the help of external forces. The production is relatively complicated, the bottom is hot, and the bottom has a soft packaging bag with a horizontal support structure. The self -standing bag is a relatively novel packaging form. It has advantages in many aspects such as improving product grades, strengthening the visual effects of the shelves, carrying lightness, convenient use, preservation, and sealing. Standing bags are generally divided into zippers, with suction mouths, alien.

  4 Plug in the side bag, the heat seal is not on both sides. It is a packaging bag on the back of the bag. The side is not hot wind, and the side is folded from the middle. Package.

  5 Self -sealed bags, mainly with open bar, zipper, packaging bags can be used as follows. The application range of self -seal bags is wide, food bags, toolbags, clothes underwear, cat food, dog food bags, etc. can be used. The moisture -proof sealing of the self -sealed bag is good and convenient.

  6 The structure of the mouth bag, the structure of the mouth bag is mainly divided into two parts: the mouth suction and independent bag. The self -standing bag is consistent with the structure of the ordinary four -sealing edge, but the composite materials are generally used to meet the requirements of different food packaging. The suction part can be regarded as a general bottle mouth with a straw. Two parts closely combine to form a beverage packaging supporting absorption, and because it is soft packaging, there is no difficulty in absorbing. The contents are not easy to shake after the sealing. It is a very ideal new beverage packaging. Mainly packaging of liquid drinks, soft food, yogurt, laundry fluid, mask and other packaging.

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