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How to correctly choose plastic bags for food?

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At present, the national standards for plastic bags include "Plastic Shopping Bags" (GB/T 21661-2020), "Commodity Retail Packaging Bags" (BB/T 0039-2013), and "Daily Use Plastic Bags" (GB/T 24984-2008) etc., the difference between these three national standards is: GB/T 21661 clearly stipulates that the thickness of plastic bags should not be less than 0.025mm, it must be printed and the printed logo must comply with GB/T 21660, and the logo must include the name of the plastic bag, standard number, Specifications, nominal load-bearing capacity, manufacturer and other information. In BB/T 0039, products are classified into handle types and non-handle types, both of which must be printed and the printed logo must comply with GB/T 21660. The handle type clearly stipulates that the thickness of the plastic bag should not be less than 0.025mm. GB/T24984 does not have clear regulations on the thickness of plastic bags. It only limits the type of plastic bags to bag products without handles, and the surface of the bag must not be printed.

Plastic packaging bags for food have no peculiar smell or smell when they leave the factory. Plastic packaging bags with a special smell cannot be used to contain food.

Colored plastic packaging bags (dark red or black currently used on the market) cannot be used for food plastic bags. Because this type of plastic packaging bags are often made of waste recycled plastic.

When purchasing plastic bags for food, it is best to buy them in large shopping malls, rather than at street stalls, as the supply is not guaranteed.

Since plastic packaging bags for food are not easy to degrade and will cause environmental pollution, when purchasing food, it is best to use less plastic bags and more cloth bags, paper bags and degradable environmentally friendly plastic shopping bags to avoid "white pollution".

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