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What are the requirements for dried fruit packaging bags in food packaging bags.fruit and vegetables packaging

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There are various types of dried fruit packaging bags, including almonds, pistachios, raisins, walnuts, peanuts, tangerine peel, dates, nuts, and many others that we often consume. What are the requirements for packaging dried fruit packaging bags?

1、 Must meet the requirements for food packaging materials

Food safety is now very important. Food itself must meet the needs of food safety production, and packaging bags must also meet the requirements of food packaging materials. Poor food packaging bags can cause fatal damage to products, and dried fruits are products that we need to eat daily. Therefore, dried fruit packaging bags must meet the needs of QS food safety production.

2、 Design should be innovative

If a product is to sell well, a good design is essential. Therefore, the packaging bag containing dried fruits must be designed according to the characteristics of the dried fruits, so that customers in need can understand the product and make timely purchases.

3、 Reliable quality

No matter what the quality of any product is, the quality of the packaging bag is particularly important. If the packaging quality is not good, there will be bag breakage. Bag breakage and leakage will have a serious impact on the product, which will greatly reduce the quality of the product itself.

By achieving the above points, your packaging bag is a qualified dried fruit food packaging bag

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