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Do you know all the things in the Bag-in-box?

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As a professional Bag-in-box wholesale factory, liquid packaging Bag-in-box company, we want to introduce some more Bag-in-box packaging knowledge.

The emergence of the inner bag of the cylindrical box is mainly to meet the market's demand for packaging diversification. Cylinder bag in box is widely used in food, medicine, health products, cosmetics and other industries. Its design principle is to put the product into the cylindrical box through t of the bag, and then close the lid to form a beautiful, portable and easy-to-use package.


Traditional cylindrical boxes are mainly used for decoration or storage, but with the diversification of products and changes in consumer tastes, the current cylindrical boxes not only include decoration and storage functions, but more importantly, meet product protection and sales. The addition of the middle bag can better protect the items inside, reduce vibration and extrusion, and at the same time expose some products from the top, which is convenient for consumers to choose and compare products of different brands and increase marketing effects.

Therefore, the appearance of the inner bag of the cylindrical box facilitates the shopping experience of consumers, and at the same time meets the needs of merchants, becoming the trend and symbol of modern packaging design.


Bag-in-box is a common packaging bag, which is usually used to pack various powdery, granular or liquid items. Its special purpose is mainly manifested in the following aspects:


1. Isolation of oxygen and moisture: The bag-in-box is usually constructed of multi-layer materials, which can effectively isolate the product from oxygen and moisture from the outside world and prolong the shelf life of the product.


2. Convenient storage and portability: The bag-in-box design makes it easy to store, handle and carry. For some products that need to be carried frequently or need to be kept in an environment with limited space, the bag-in-box is a good choice.

3. Easy to use: Pockets in boxes are usually designed with zippers and sealing tapes, which can facilitate consumers to open or close the bags during use, ensuring the freshness and hygiene of the products.

4. Improve brand value: The bag-in-box design can be completely designed according to the needs of brand owners, and trademarks, product information, slogans, etc. can be printed to improve the image and value of the brand.


In general, the special purpose of bag-in-box is mainly to improve the freshness, convenience and brand image of products, and at the same time, it can also improve consumers' expectations and impressions of products.

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