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What are the bag materials

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  Packaging bags of different materials have different uses, but few people  can tell them apart, so let's take a look at several materials of packaging bags  and their main uses.

  1. Aluminum foil material

  The packaging bag made of aluminum foil has strong air barrier performance,  high temperature resistance (121 ° C), low temperature resistance (-50 ° C), and  oil resistance. The use of aluminum foil bags is different from ordinary  packaging bags, mainly used for high temperature cooking and preservation of low  temperature food. However, the aluminum foil packaging bag has no heat  sealability due to its fragile material, easy to break, and poor acid  resistance. Therefore, it is generally only used as the middle material of the  bag. For example, the milk packaging bags and quick-frozen food packaging bags  that we drink in our lives will use aluminum foil.

  2. PET material

  PET is also known as biaxially oriented polyester film. The packaging bag  of this material has good transparency, strong luster, and strength and  toughness are better than other materials. It is not easy to break, and is  non-toxic and tasteless. in food packaging. Therefore, in daily life, PET is a  non-toxic and sterile packaging material for all kinds of food, medicine, and  sterilization. However, its shortcomings are also obvious, that is, it is not  heat-resistant and alkali-resistant, and cannot be soaked in hot water.

  3. Nylon

  Nylon is also called polyamide. This material is also very transparent,  heat-resistant, oil-resistant, puncture-resistant, and soft to the touch, but it  is not resistant to moisture and has poor heat-sealability. Therefore, nylon  packaging bags are mostly used to package solid foods, as well as some meat  products and cooked foods, such as chicken, duck, spare ribs, etc., which can  extend the shelf life of food.

  4. OPP material

  OPP is also called oriented polypropylene. It is the most transparent and  the most brittle among the packaging bag materials, and the tensile force is  also very small. Most of the transparent packaging bags used in our lives are  made of opp materials, which are widely used in clothing, food, printing,  cosmetics, printing, paper and other industries.

  5. HDPE material

  The full name of HDPE is high-density polyethylene. The bags made of this  material are also called PO bags. They can be used in a wide range of  temperatures. They can not only be used for frozen food packaging, but also used  in packaging bags that are resistant to boiling at 100 degrees Celsius. In daily  life, it is mostly used for food packaging, grocery shopping bags, and can also  be made into composite films for impermeability and thermal insulation packaging  films of food.

  6. CPP: The transparency of this material is very good, and the hardness is  higher than that of PE film. And it has many types and a wide range of uses,  which can be used for food packaging, candy packaging, medicine packaging, etc.  It can also be used as the base film of composite materials, and can be made  into composite bags together with other films, such as hot filling, retort bags,  aseptic packaging, etc.

  Seven, PVC plastic bags

  Made of polyvinyl chloride, it has good water resistance and transparency.  It can change the tensile strength and tear strength by adjusting the amount of  plasticizer. It has good processability and is widely used in food packaging  bags and stationery packaging. bags, cosmetic packaging bags, transport  packaging, plastic shopping bags, garbage bags, etc.

  The seven materials introduced above are some of the materials commonly  used in packaging bags. The characteristics of each material are different, and  the performance and application scenarios of the bags made of them are also  different. We need to choose according to our actual situation.


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