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What do you need to pay attention to if you use a vacuum packaging bag?mini pet food bag Vendor

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  1. The outer packaging of the vacuum packaging bag must be Chinese logo, indicating the factory name, factory address, product name, and indicating the word "food" in obvious places. The product is attached to the product inspection certificate. This food vacuum packaging bag is safer.

  2. Color vacuum bags cannot be used for food packaging. At present, dark red or black is used in the market. Because this vacuum bag is usually made of recycled plastic. Not very safe and hygienic.

  3. There is no odor or odor when the vacuum packaging bag is out of the factory. The food bag has a special odor and cannot be used as a food packaging bag. In addition, the taste can be recovered and reused. Who knows what you installed before, especially food containers should pay attention to this.

  4. Try to use a vacuum packaging bag for unscainted or coating food. Because many merchants in modern packaging design use a large amount of coating materials to make the packaging more beautiful and corrosion -resistant. This is not only difficult to recover and reuse materials after abandoned products, but most paint itself is toxic: if people eat foods packaged in these food bags, they will cause huge harm to the human body.

  In addition, coating and coating process have brought great pollution to the environment. For example, if the coating volatilizes a toxic solvent gas, it will produce residual liquid, which contain heavy metals, such as waste pollution during chromium and electroplating. Therefore, you should use a vacuum packaging bag without coating or coating as much as possible.

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