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Food packaging manufacturers introduce you to the packaging bag's transparency is not good

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  We often use food packaging bags in daily life. When some items need to be stored for a long time, we will choose a vacuum packaging. Vacuum packaging bags are usually transparent, but they also encounter some vacuum bags. Spots, what are the reasons for these problems?

  The vacuum bag is not transparent, because there are five reasons.

  First, there is a problem with the transparency of the vacuum bag itself. The surface of the inner substrate has a crystal point, shark skin and other quality problems, or the ink pollutes the packaging bag during printing.

  Second, the color of the adhesive is too dark, because it requires high transparency, so try to avoid using dark yellow, dark red adhesives, and colorless.

  Third, the inappropriate rubber distribution program will cause the main agent to be uniformly mixed with the curing agent. The phenomenon of "glue" may occur.

  Fourth, the appearance is flawed, such as the spots

  Fifth, the drying temperature is improper. When the temperature is too high when you start to go in, the concentration of the surface layer of the packaging bag will increase the concentration of the surface layer of the bag, the surface is skinned, and uneven.

  Good products should be precise. The food packaging bags, aluminum foil bags, and cooking bags produced by the company meet the food requirements, and the quality is guaranteed.

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