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Hitting the pain points of gift box packaging directly, three simple points make packaging customization "easy to get"

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First: Positioning of the product’s consumer groups
Hitting the pain points of gift box packaging directly, three simple points make packaging customization "easy to get"
Audience positioning is very important. If you position gift boxes, at least make the packaging stand out in front of friends; if you position it for the elderly, then the packaging design can be biased toward retro style; if you position it for young people, fashionable and fun elements are indispensable; if you position it for children's gift boxes, the design should be cute and cartoony. The design is a good direction; if there is no specific group of people to distinguish, popular and simple packaging design is also a good choice...etc.
All in all, what kind of key opens what kind of door, only if you understand the consumers will they pay the price.
Second differentiation
Hitting the pain points of gift box packaging directly, three simple points make packaging customization "easy to get"
The products on the market are becoming increasingly homogeneous, and it has become difficult to introduce new products. On the contrary, differentiated design in packaging is relatively effective and cost-saving. From the perspective of the audience, combined with consumer psychology and product features, a series of high-quality products are summarized design ideas and put them into practice. The difference in flower direction is
1. Unique picture design, relying on popular trends + innovative design
2. Packaging methods with excellent experience, such as special opening methods, various humanized details, Easter egg designs close to the theme, etc.
A good differentiated design will enhance the competitiveness of your product shelves. When consumers scan it at a glance, it will be clear which one is more attractive to them.
Third, choose cooperative manufacturers carefully
Hitting the pain points of gift box packaging directly, three simple points make packaging customization "easy to get"
The time cycle from design to production is relatively long and there are more uncertainties. Many friends who are pressed for time may have encountered that although the design effect is exquisite, the printed product is not satisfactory, but due to time issues, they can only make do with it, which is a pity.
Therefore, it is really important to find the right manufacturer. The editor suggests that you would rather spend more time on the choice than cooperate with a manufacturer whose values are inconsistent. You will find that various problems arise due to objective factors such as the manufacturer’s unprofessionalism. , will definitely drive you crazy.
On the contrary, it is easier to choose the right partner. The same cost brings better service and saves time and cost. The key is that the final packaging makes you satisfied!

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