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What are the liquid packaging methods?

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  There are many ways to package liquids, common ones include:

  bottled. This is one of the most common packaging methods on the market, suitable for beverages, juices, alcohol, etc. Bottled liquid packaging has the advantages of good sealing, easy portability, and beautiful appearance. However, the disadvantage is that the bottle is large and cannot make full use of the space.

  Bagged. Bag liquid packaging has appeared in recent years and is commonly used in foods such as salt water, milk, and oil. It has the advantages of taking up little space and being easy to carry, but its sealing is not good enough and can easily cause rupture and leakage.

  Barrels. Barrel liquid packaging is suitable for packaging chemicals, paints, detergents and other liquids. It has the advantages of impact resistance and good sealing, but it is difficult to carry and use.

  Filling. Filling liquid packaging refers to filling liquid into plastic bottles or glass bottles. The bottle type can be flexibly selected according to the properties of the liquid. It has the advantages of easy preparation and transportation, but it is easy to be damaged.

  Paper-aluminum-plastic composite film sterile bricks. This packaging method has certain sealing, moisture-proof and waterproof properties, low cost, light weight, easy to carry and transport, but cannot be heated and sterilized. twenty three

  Plastic composite film packaging bags. Commonly used are composite membrane materials containing high barrier materials such as EVOH and PVDC, which have the characteristics of good barrier properties, low cost, and easy transportation and portability.

  plastic container. Common plastic bottle materials include HDPE, PP, PET or PETP, etc., which have good mechanical strength and air tightness. Among the above material structures, PET bottles have higher barrier properties.

  Metal containers. It has excellent barrier properties and light-shielding properties, allowing packaged beverages to have a long shelf life. However, improper transportation may lead to extrusion deformation and poor chemical stability.

  glass container. Glass bottles have good barrier properties, are airtight, heat-resistant, pressure-resistant, and washable, and can be sterilized at high temperatures and stored at low temperatures. However, they are not easy to transport, are heavy, easy to be damaged, and have poor printability.

  In addition, liquid packaging methods also include direct packing method, using packaging container method, inversion method, etc.

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