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The characteristics and performance of Spout POUCHES

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  Spout pouch

  As more consumers understand the advantages of the soft packaging, the continuous enhancement of social environmental protection awareness, instead of soft packaging instead, instead of buckets, and instead of non -sealing traditional soft packaging will definitely become a trend. The advantage of Spout Pouches compared to common packaging forms is portability. Spout POUCHES can easily put it in a backpack or pocket, and with the decrease in the content, then let's take a look at the characteristics and performance of Spout PouchS.

  The reason why the market can get so many recognitions of Spout Pouches is that the five major features of Spout Poubs are because the bag has the following characteristics.

  Features 1: SPOUT POUCHES material characteristics

  Materials are made of environmentally friendly materials. Environmental materials are materials supported by people. Therefore, the market is recognized by this material. At the same time, this Spout Pouches are excellent in corrosion resistance, waterproof, oil -proof, and service life.

  Features 2: Printing Features

  Can be printed on Spout Pouches. The role of printing is very strong. It is widely used in many industries and can mainly promote manufacturers and products.

  Feature three: cheap price

  The low price suddenly increased the cost -effectiveness of Spout Poubs, and the market was unanimously recognized.

  Feature 4: Large market demand

  Many industries are applied to a bag with large market demand.

  Features 5: practicality and creativity

  Spout POUCHES is more practical, with better sealing and more durable. The overall design is very suitable for people to use.

  Spout POUCHES must have the following performance and functions.

  Good hygiene and safety

  Spout POUCHES should be non -toxic, odor, odorless, stable chemical performance, and does not respond to content objects. The residual solutions should be strictly controlled during the production process, and the residual solutions must meet national standards (0.01 mg/, total amount 5mg/). The bag must be safe. Do not get injured or eat it by mistake when used.

  Excellent sealing performance

  Sealing is the basic feature of Spout Pount. There must be no leakage or leakage for a long time. The heat -sealing material of the bag must have excellent low temperature thermal seal performance and thermal seal strength (thermal seal temperature 135, PET composite finished product thermal sealing strength 50n/15mm, NY composite finished thermal sealing strength of 60N/15mm.

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