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Introduction to liquid packaging methods

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  1. Bottled liquid packaging method

  Bottled liquid packaging is one of the most common packaging methods currently on the market, and is often used in the packaging of beverages, juices, alcohol and other beverages. Bottled liquid packaging has the advantages of good sealing, easy portability, and beautiful appearance. However, the disadvantages of bottled liquid packaging are also obvious. The bottle is larger and cannot make full use of the space.

  2. Bagged liquid packaging methods

  Bag liquid packaging is a packaging method that has emerged in recent years and is often used in the packaging of salt water, milk, oil and other foods. Bag liquid packaging has the advantages of taking up little space and being easy to carry. The disadvantage of bagged liquid packaging is that it is not tightly sealed and can easily cause rupture and leakage.

  3. Barrel liquid packaging methods

  Barrel liquid packaging is a common way of packaging industrial liquids and is often used in the packaging of chemicals, paints, detergents and other liquids. Barrel liquid packaging has the advantages of impact resistance and good sealing. However, barreled liquid packaging also has some disadvantages, such as being difficult to carry and inconvenient to use.

  4. Filling liquid packaging method

  Filling liquid packaging refers to filling liquid into plastic bottles or glass bottles. The bottle type can be flexibly selected according to the properties of the liquid. Filling liquid packaging has the advantages of convenient preparation and convenient transportation. However, the disadvantage of filling liquid packaging is that it is easily damaged.

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