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Vacuum zipper bag supplier

The new BPA-free reusable bags are perfect for sous vide cooking, microwave cooking, preserving leftovers and freezing storage. The high feature zipper clip tool is included to create a resealable seal that preserves food for longer periods of time. Equipped with a specially designed valve that is leak proof, these bags are also durable and easy to hand wash for a variety of uses. The reusable bag is compatible with the grain saving multi-purpose handheld vacuum sealer and all grain saving machines with handheld accessories.

"These ziploc bags keep food fresher and longer in the freezer, refrigerator or pantry, maximizing freshness."

Reusable vacuum zipper bags are another way the brand offers a vacuum seal for all who experience the kitchen.

The Top-line vacuum seal creates a barrier around the food, blocking moisture and oxygen, prolonging freshness and locking in flavor. It locks in nutrients and keeps food fresh up to five times longer. Slow food spoilage and keep food tasty. No more wet, rough, wilted fruits and vegetables.


✅ Material characteristics: 

Food grade PE+PA, Comply with FDA regulations, BPA/PBS free

✅ Extensive use:

For packing food, cooked food, fresh meat, meat products, fish, seafood,fruits, vegetables, dried fruits, snack and valuable articles

✅ Regular sises as below or customize as your inquiry : 

21*22cm, 26*28cm, 26*34cm, 30*34cm 

✅ Color:

Transparent, support customized color


✅ Thickness: 

150mic/160mic or customized

✅ Feature: 

With air valve, air-proof; with double zipper, resealable and better sealing; manual vacuum, more convenient; food preservation time is longer; high barrier; low oxygen transmission rate; strong penetrability resistance.


✅ Functon: 

Can be boiled / cooked / microwave / frozen, withstand temperature from -40 to 100 degrees



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