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When using vacuum packaging bags for food, it is inevitable to encounter difficulties. How to solve them

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The use of vacuum packaging bags for food packaging can extend the shelf life of the product, maintain the original taste of the food, and prevent food spoilage and mold. More and more manufacturers are choosing vacuum packaging bags to package food, which can demonstrate its vastness. It is necessary to be cautious and careful during use.

Usually, during the process of using vacuum packaging bags, there are various problems such as packaging leakage, color detachment, and packaging bursting when using containers to remove gas from the packaging. If you encounter these problems during use, it is because you have chosen an unqualified product. Why do these problems occur?

1. Packaging leakage: It may be caused by unknown objects scratching or puncturing the packaging during use, which may have caused the leakage;

2. Color detachment: We all know that vacuum packaging bags are plastic composite films, which are bonded together through an environmentally friendly volume between a printed film and one or more other material films. If color detachment occurs, it is highly likely due to the use of too little solvent during the lamination process and the weak adhesion;

3. Packaging is prone to cracking: This phenomenon is caused by the incorrect selection of packaging raw materials or the use of substandard and substandard low materials. Some manufacturers, in order to save costs, use discarded low materials from others to replace them, causing serious quality problems and causing serious losses to the manufacturers. This phenomenon is also common. Furthermore, when customizing packaging, the manufacturer communicated with the manufacturer and selected low materials that were not suitable for their products.

The selection of vacuum packaging bags is a very important issue. Unlike ordinary food packaging bags, if they are not qualified, they can still be used. It's not a big deal to change the raw materials next time because they need to be sterilized at high temperatures, and any slight mistake can cause overall losses. When choosing vacuum packaging bags, manufacturers must choose a legitimate manufacturer in order to purchase qualified packaging products.

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