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Wine box packaging customization process and specific production process

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In the hot stamping process of packaging, many packaging and printing companies will use offset cold stamping technology. The specific method is to complete the printing and hot stamping of the packaging during the offset printing process of the packaging. At the same time, the cold stamping process can perform hot stamping on local areas, effectively improving It improves the overall effect of gold and silver cardboard and laser gold and silver cardboard in hot stamping.

Moreover, the offset cold stamping technology itself has many advantages in packaging printing: first, it can effectively save packaging printing time. The printing and hot stamping processes of liquor packaging can be completed at the same time, thereby shortening the process and improving the production efficiency of liquor packaging; secondly, it can effectively reduce the cost of packaging. In the wine box packaging offset printing and cold stamping technology facilities, a one-stop production form can be implemented, which reduces intermediate processes and reduces material consumption. It does not require excessive staffing and effectively reduces the labor cost of printing; third, high value, offset printing The effect of cold foiling technology itself has a strong sense of hierarchy. There are no special requirements for the order of cold foiling and printing in the process, so there is more room for development in packaging design.

Judging from the specific classification of my country's liquor bottle standards, it can be mainly divided into four types, namely paper self-adhesive labels, low-temperature decals, high-temperature decals and film self-adhesive labels. Next, we will analyze different types of wine bottle label packaging.

Paper and film self-adhesive labels

In the traditional liquor market, the main label format used in the packaging of Chinese liquor bottles is in the form of self-adhesive labels. However, self-adhesive labels have certain limitations in the use process for non-cylindrical bottles. And the texture is far inferior to high temperature or low temperature decal paper labeling. Its main process is to print information about liquor on self-adhesive stickers, which can achieve full-page printing. At the same time, the processes for paper and film printing are basically the same.

High temperature decal paper labeling and printing process

High-temperature decal labeling involves baking the wine bottle at over 560 degrees Celsius inside the glass bottle before labeling it, so the energy consumption of high-temperature decal labeling is relatively large. Moreover, high-temperature baking is required during the labeling process, which results in certain limitations in the selection of decals and pigments. Moreover, the price of the real gold paste used in it is relatively high, so a certain amount of waste will be caused in the labeling process.

Low temperature decal labeling process

Due to their own limitations, the application frequency and scope of the first three wine bottle labeling processes have gradually decreased. Especially with the increase in the price of gold paste and the introduction of the concept of energy conservation and emission reduction, the high-temperature decal labeling method has also gradually faded out. In the printing market, the most widely used form of labeling is low-temperature decal paper. At the same time, the low-temperature decal labeling process is also an important means and method in the field of liquor bottle labeling, and has many advantages in application. First of all, the process of labeling wine bottles can be completed by low-temperature baking. Generally, the temperature is controlled between 150 and 180 degrees Celsius, which meets the government's requirements for energy conservation and emission reduction. Secondly, because there is no need for high-temperature baking during the labeling process , so diversified development can be achieved in the selection of decals and pigments, which has greater advantages than high-temperature decals labeling; thirdly, in the process of low-temperature decals labeling, there is no need for real gold paste, and hot stamping is used It can be completed using paper, which effectively reduces the cost of labeling, increases corporate profits, and also enables companies to gain stronger competitiveness.
The application and promotion of low-temperature decal paper labeling in the packaging process of liquor bottles has also innovated a variety of packaging materials, including gold, platinum and red gold foil stamping paper, which are widely used in the packaging process of liquor bottles. , and with the development of the market and the improvement of packaging requirements, materials such as laser gold are gradually beginning to be used in liquor bottle packaging. In the low-temperature decal paper labeling process, there are also great advantages for the application of laser gold and platinum hot stamping paper.

First, the wine bottles packaged with low-temperature decals are high-end in terms of appearance and economic cost. No matter from any angle, the labels will show a colorful luster, which is conducive to highlighting the liquor trademark. , to improve the grade of liquor; secondly, after low-temperature decal hot stamping and printing, the pattern itself has a certain three-dimensional sense and layering; thirdly, it can ensure that the labeling of the wine bottle and the packaging of the wine box are consistent.

At present, in the design of anti-counterfeiting marks for liquor packaging in my country, the manufacturer's anti-counterfeiting marks are mainly affixed to the seals of wine boxes and wine bottle caps. With the development of low-temperature paper labeling technology, the anti-counterfeiting marks of liquor packaging in my country are also For innovation, low-temperature paper labeling technology can be used to embody anti-counterfeiting marks on wine bottles.

This innovative anti-counterfeiting technology is more reasonable and perfect in the design of liquor packaging, preventing counterfeit liquor from flowing into the market in the name of the brand, which not only causes damage to consumers' health, but also causes liquor companies to face huge losses, so through low-temperature flower paper stickers The application of standard anti-counterfeiting labels can effectively improve the profits and benefits of liquor manufacturers.

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