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How to remove the rice packaging bag?

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  Vacuum zipper bag

  Method 1: find a single line

  1. Observe the sealing lines on both sides of the rice bag or flour bag, and you will find that one side is sewn with a single line, that is, the "one one" side, and the other side is sewn with a double line, that is, the side.

  2. When disassembling, the single thread is on the left side, because the snap fastener is on this side. If it goes well, grab a thread with one hand and pull it open with both hands.

  3. If the sealing seam is too tight, use scissors to cut off the thread head (the single thread on the left), pull one thread head with one hand, pull it to both sides, and the sealing will open.

  Method 2: find a short head

  1. Observe the two ends of the rice bag or flour bag to see which end is shorter. Start from the shorter end.

  2. It is the same as the method. If it is smooth, you can grasp a thread with one hand and open it with both hands. If the sealing seam is too tight, use scissors to cut off the thread ends. Pull one thread end with one hand to both sides, and the sealing will open.

  Method 3: pithy formula

  "The double line is facing me, so it needs to be pulled from the left side. The thread head is cut off, and it can be pulled from both sides."


  1. The side facing the double line of bag sealing

  2. Dismantle from the left;

  3. Then close to the edge of the bag and cut off the excess thread at the seal;

  4. After cutting the thread head, there will be a thread head on both sides of the bag. Pull a thread head with one hand to both sides, and the seal will open.

  Relevant knowledge development:

  Step 1: For a bag of unopened rice, we can see the two rows of thread heads on the bag. Just distinguish between single thread and double thread. One thread is usually single thread, and double thread is usually woven by two or more threads. The identification of single line and double line is actually very high.

  Step 2: When removing the thread, we should firmly remember this secret: "Single line to me, from right to left". It means that one side of the single line is facing towards itself. Use scissors to cut off the thread ends. Make sure to remove them from right to left.

  Step 3: Take a thread head with both hands, gently pull the line, and the rice belt line will be removed. It only takes 3 seconds to remove a whole line, which is very convenient and fast.

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