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Bag-in-box liquid packaging method

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  Bag-in-Box (BIB) is a method commonly used for liquid packaging, especially drinks such as wine, juice and some syrups. The system usually consists of a collapsible bag and a sturdy cardboard box. The bag is made of a soft material (usually plastic) and has a spigot or stopper inside the bag that allows the liquid to be poured out easily while protecting the rest of the bag's contents from air and light. Because air and light will reduce the quality of the liquid.

  Bag-in-box packaging has several advantages over traditional bottles or cans. It is generally more cost-effective, lighter weight, and more space-saving, making it easier to store and transport. In addition, as the liquid is poured, the bag collapses, preventing air from entering, thereby preserving the freshness of the liquid for longer, which is especially important for a product like wine that is sensitive to oxidation.

  This form of packaging is commonly used for larger quantities of beverages in commercial establishments such as restaurants, bars, cafes, etc. as well as at home.

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