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What should I pay attention to when using food packaging bag composite in food Snack food bag

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Bag in box

Since entering the winter, many food packaging bags have a lot of quality problems due to the composite process, such as: the phenomenon of poor peeling strength after composite, difficulty eliminating air bubbles, and increasing white spots have occurred. loss. Some of the compound film workers of some color printing factories have also talked about it. In summer, the same dry method does not have these problems. It will appear in winter and can not be solved. For analysis and suggestions for industry reference:

1. The process of dry composite machine:

1. tension control

(1) Put the roll of the substrate A, put the tension control system

(2) Compound tension control system

(3) Tiring tension control system

2. Dry system control:

(1) The composite machine is usually divided into a three-stage drying system. The set temperature is the first section 50-65 ° C, the second section is 65-75 ° C, and the third section is 75-80 ° C

(2) The wind speed is controlled at a minimum of 25 meters per second. At the wind nozzle, it is best to reach 35 meters per second.

(3) Control the amount of air volume to adjust the oven temperature.

3. The number of wire rollers is related to the amount of glue of the adhesive.

4. Control the uniformity of coating between the spatula and the adhesive.

5. Preheating system

6. Compound part

7. Cooling system

8. Receive volume solidification

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