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New machine 1L-250L April,17,2023

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Recently, Dong guan Top-line packaging products invested in the most advanced 1-meter wide high-speed fully automatic bag-in-box machine. This investment will greatly increase the factory's production capacity and product quality. It is reported that the equipment can produce bags from 1L to 250L, providing customers with more flexible packaging options.


The factory has started mass production, and a wonderful production video is attached to show its efficient and precise production process. At the same time, they also support customized and personalized packaging design, upgrade customers' packaging with the most advanced equipment, and provide customers with the best positioning services for their products.


The significance of this investment is that, with the increasingly fierce market competition, improving product quality and production efficiency is the key for enterprises to maintain long-term competitiveness. The introduction of this high-speed automatic bag-in-box machine will effectively improve the production efficiency and quality of the factory, and provide customers with better products and services.


In this investment, considering the diversity of customer needs, the factory pays special attention to the flexibility and adjustability of the equipment, so that the equipment can adapt to the production of bags of different specifications and shapes. At the same time, the equipment has a high degree of automation and intelligence, which can realize efficient and precise production process, and greatly reduce production cost and labor loss.


As a liquid flexible packaging manufacturer focusing on innovation and service, our company will continue to introduce better products and services to meet the higher needs of customers. We have reasons to believe that in the future market, such investment and efforts will help more customers gain higher recognition and market positioning in terms of brand and market positioning.






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