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Vacuum packaging

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  Vacuum packaging is a packaging method with no air in the sealing container after the container seal is packed into the gas container. The vacuum packaging method is also called decompression packaging method or exhaust packaging method. This packaging can block the external water vapor into the packaging container, and it can also prevent humid air in the interior of the closed moisture -proof packaging, which is exposed when the temperature drops. The vacuum packaging method should be taken to avoid excessive vacuum.

  General raw grains and grain processing products can be packaged in vacuum packaging. Vacuum packaging can not only avoid or reduce the oxidation, discoloration, and taste of grain, but also inhibit the growth of certain molds and bacteria.

  At present, the freshness of grain, oil and other processing is basically low -level and extensive, and my country's refrigeration conditions cannot be compared with developed countries such as the United States and Japan. This causes a large amount of agricultural products and waste. The vacuum packaging can maintain the quality and nutritional ingredients of food and agricultural products, which is valued by the grain industry.

  In addition to controlling external temperature and sterile, vacuum packaging is more important to control the appropriate gas environment of food to achieve the purpose of predicting freshness. Its main methods include mechanical squeezing, straw off -airing types. In any way, the air in the bag is pulled out, and then the heat is sealed. Its main characteristics are: reduce the oxygen content in the bag, inhibit the growth and development of mold, bacteria, control the deterioration of food, and achieve the purpose of preservation and quality preservation. In addition, after the vacuum packaging, it can also resist mechanical pressure and reduce oscillation, which is both conducive to long -distance transportation and sales.

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