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The reasons and preservation skills of the aging of food packaging bags.petco free dog food bag wholesaler

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  1. In the natural environment, the food plastic packaging bag is under direct sunlight. After a week, its strength drops by about 25%, and it will decrease by about 40%in two weeks. It is basically unavailable. In other words, the storage and storage problem of plastic packaging bags is very important.

  2. The packaging bag is placed in the open -air environment after the packaging item is directly exposed to the sun, and the intensity will decrease sharply, so try to avoid direct sunlight.

  3. Excessive participation of regeneration is also one of the reasons for promoting the aging of plastic packaging bags.

  4. The temperature during the storage and transportation of the packaging bag will cause its strength to decrease, and then it will not meet the quality requirements of maintaining the interior, so it should be avoided by high temperature and rainwater.

  In today's society, most of the food packaging bags displayed on the counter are all serrated. The purpose is to facilitate consumers to open the bag and open the packaging bag more conveniently, but have you ever thought about it, why do you make a sawtooth into a sawtoet The effect of the shape, not the effect of the flat mouth, why the packaging bag is made into a sawtooth.

  This problem involves the use of mechanics. When the object is stressed, the force will be changed according to the shape of the object itself. Generally, it will mutate in wrinkles or sharp corners. Therefore, the packaging bag factory makes the edge of the bag into a sawtooth, retaining this jagged effect, which allows consumers to open the packaging bag easily and easily.

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