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What is a composite bag

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What are the advantages of composite bags? There are eight main points, as follows:

1、 Composite bags have the advantage of high strength: due to their multi-layer material, the product has strong resistance to puncture and tear.

2、 Composite bags can withstand cold and high temperatures: they can be disinfected at high temperatures and refrigerated at low temperatures using products.

3、 Beautiful appearance: It better reflects the value of the product.

Plastic bag

4、 Good insulation performance, strong protection performance, and the characteristics of being impermeable to gas and water vapor. It is not easily attacked by bacteria and insects, has good shape stability, and is not affected by humidity changes.

5、 The composite bag has stable chemical properties, strong acid and alkaline resistance, can be stored for a long time, strong tear resistance, and good packaging effect. The packaged items are not limited by shape and state, and can be filled with solids and liquids.

6、 The processing cost of composite bags is low, the technical requirements are low, and they can be produced in large quantities; And composite bags are easy to shape, with abundant and cheap production materials.

7、 Composite bags have high transparency, and when packaged in composite bags, the object being packaged can be seen, and the insulation of the composite bag is good.

8、 Composite bags have high strength, good ductility, light weight, and strong impact resistance.

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