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What are the characteristics of liquid packaging bags.Flexible Packaging Film sales

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The insulation effect of packaging materials in boxes on oxygen. The air blocking function is the main factor affecting the quality of goods during their shelf life, and it is also the main reference for analyzing shelf life. If the air blocking function of packaging materials is poor, it may cause oxidation and transformation of the content due to its sensitivity to oxygen. The gas blocking function is measured by measuring the gas permeability through data, and relevant regulations clearly stipulate that the pressure difference method is used for testing the gas permeability of plastic films and thin films. Of course, after ensuring the air blocking function, sealing function, and bottle cap torque target of the bag packaging in the box are qualified, other targets such as sealing strength and stretching function need to be controlled to ensure the shelf life and adaptability of the product.

The sealing function refers to the reliability of the packaging and sealing of the bags in the box. Through this test, the integrity of the entire product packaging can be guaranteed, preventing problems such as leakage, pollution, and transformation caused by poor sealing function of the product. There are various methods for sealing function testing, and the commonly used method is to use a sealing tester. Regarding vacuum packaging, the main focus is to investigate the recovery status of the sample after the experiment. Of course, the above method is based on the principle of visual inspection, which is a qualitative testing method. If you want to quantitatively check the sealing and leakage functions of packaging, you can choose the positive pressure principle sealing function testing equipment, leakage and sealing strength testing instrument.

The torque value of locking and opening the bottle cap in box packaging is one of the technical parameters for production units to control offline or online key points. The suitability of torque values has a significant impact on the transportation and cost of packaged goods. Convenience and friendly human-computer interaction; It has a dual measurement form of locking force and opening force, and actively adheres to the peak value. The results are displayed in multiple units and can be statistically analyzed; High measurement accuracy and good stability make it an indispensable experimental equipment in the production process.

Cursors usually choose a dark color that has a significant contrast to the background color, preferably black. Red and yellow cannot be used as cursors, nor can color codes of the same color as photoelectric eyes be used as cursor colors. For example, if the light green color is emitted by the photoelectric eye, it cannot be used as the color of the electric eye cursor because green eyes cannot recognize green colors. If the background color is a darker color (such as black, dark blue, deep purple, etc.), the time marker should be planned as a light colored cursor with hollowed out and exposed white

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