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How to remove the static electricity of the packaging bag?

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  1. Physical elimination

  Physical elimination method is the simplest and most direct elimination method. It is mainly to eliminate the packaging plastic bags through "grounding method" or "electrostatic transfer method". In terms of physical elimination method, it is mainly to release static electricity to other objects or natural bodies through the physical transfer of static electricity to achieve energy conversion.

  2. Chemical cleaning

  In all kinds of packaging, the electrical properties of plastic bags can be changed by adding chemical antistatic agents, and the chemical changes can be changed by coating the antistatic agents on the packaging bags. Generally, this method is not convenient to use and has less processing capacity, so it is rarely used.

  3. Coating effect

  The function of the coating is mainly to make ionic active agent into a coating with anti electric performance through the anti-static disposal skills of the coating, and apply it on the surface of plastic packaging plastic bags in the production and use, so as to prevent the accumulation of charges and effectively remove charges.

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