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What is the purpose of the barcode on food packaging bags?

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(1) The emergence and application of product barcodes have greatly facilitated the dissemination speed of product information, and the development of today's society is inseparable from barcodes. The mainstream and trend of the world, enterprises cannot ignore product barcodes.

(2) To enter supermarkets, such as Tmall,, and e-commerce, you must apply for a barcode.

(3) When we finish shopping at the checkout counter and make payment, the cashier lightly swipes over the table with a laser scanner. The various information of the product appears on the screen and the shopping receipt can be printed. This not only achieves automated management of sales, warehousing, and ordering, but also makes sales information available to manufacturers in a timely manner through the production, supply, and sales information system. At present, the application of barcodes is expanding and extending at an astonishing speed.

(4) In fact, barcode has become a necessary condition for goods to enter supermarkets. Barcodization of goods is the only way for enterprises to improve market competitiveness and expand foreign trade exports. It is a prerequisite for achieving automation in the production and circulation process, and also a technical guarantee for manufacturers to adjust their product structure in a timely manner. In recent years, many cities in China have established regulations that prohibit all products without barcodes from entering supermarkets.

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